Why Magento Staff Augmentation?

Why Magento Staff Augmentation?

As Magento Experts, we know finding the correct Magento professionals for a given project isn’t an easy task, specially when they are required for a short-term period (specific tasks, sprints or a final boost before going live).

This why we offer the Staff Augmentation service, where we are in charge of finding the perfect Magento Professionals, with the correct skills for your projects.

One of the great benefits of this model is related to the costs, you will only pay for the hours that you and your project need. Instead of paying a full-time Magento Developer, you can pay only for the hours needed by your project.

Our service will allow you to get Magento Skilled Professionals into your project and that will result in an immediate contribution to your project without any waste of time, offering a great flexibility to your organisation and releasing time of your internal team.

Let’s talk today! We’ll love to help you finding the correct Professionals for you.