Magento Code Auditing

Magento Code Auditing

If your Magento Site is slowing down it could be related to a lack of server resources, but also could be related to a bad implementation of the project. When developers don’t follow the best practices during the development process, it has a negative impact in the performance of the site, and it’s common that when visits to the site start increasing that errors and performance issues also arise. It means your company is losing a big percentage of sales, because slow and buggy sites result in less sales, not leveraging the potential business a platform like Magento can generate.

Following the Magento standards during the development stage allows your company to have a more stable, secure and scalable Magento platform. When performance issues start to happen, it’s necessary to perform a Code Audit on the project. In Rapicart we offer this service, analyzing the code and the general implementation of the project in the server, identifying major and minor code issues, outdated versions of the platform and modules, and security issues due to an incorrect setup of server permissions and Magento configuration issues.

Our Magento Certified Professionals will issue a report to you listing the findings and the action plan for every issue identified. With this document you will be able to understand how healthy your Magento site is, and it will also help us to identify what issues are necessary to address first, leaving the less important or minor issues to the end.

This service is usually combined with our Magento Consulting service in order to let the client know what improvements can be added to the site or what design and UX changes can be made in order bring a better buying experience to customers, increasing the conversion rates.