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Magento 2: How to add an input text to customize a product

When you have products that need to be customized by a customer, you can easily create an input text to customize a product in product details using Magento out-of-the-box features.

In order to accomplish it you have to follow the next steps:

Go to Magento Backend and Edit a Product

Inside product options there is a tab called “Customizable Options”, click on “Add Option“.

Fill Out the Options

A new section will show up where you will be able to customize the custom option.

Add a title for the field and set Option Type as “Text > Field”.

Save and check

Click on “Save” product and check your product. Now you’ll see the new input for customize your product

This option also allows you to add an extra charge in case customers customize the product

If you have any question about how to setup customizable options we can help you with our Magento Consulting and Magento Development Services.