Magento 2: Cart Price Rules from Scratch 1

Cart price rules are a very useful tool to increase the average MOV (Minimum Order Value), but sometimes it could be hard to setup. In the next guide we’ll explain step by step how to have it working with ease.

Setting up specific discount amount rule

One of the most common cart rule to apply in a promotion is a specific discount amount based on the amount of the shopping cart. For instance, you can apply a discount of $25 for carts greater than $100 by following the next steps:

Step 1: Go to Marketing -> Promotions -> Cart Price Rules

Magento2 - FreeShipping

Step 2: Click on “Add New Rule”

Magento2 - FreeShipping

Step 3: Fill out the next fields

Magento2 Discount Rule

It’s important to select the websites and customer groups where you need to have this cart rule working for your customers.

Magento2 Discount Rule

Under Conditions tab you have to specify the conditions when the rule will apply. In this case we are specifying the rule has to apply when the subtotal is equals or greater than 100.

Magento2 Discount Rule - Step 5

Finally, you have to apply the discount you want to offer to your customers under Actions tab. In the dropdown Apply select the option “Fixed amount discount and in the field “Discount Amount” insert the amount of the discount in dollars, in this case 25.

Magento2 Discount Rule - Step 6

We are done. Now we can check the rule going through the checkout process.

Magento2 Discount Rule - Checkout

If you want to include a description for the discount, filling out the field “Description” will show it in the checkout.

Magento2 Discount Rule - Description

Magento2 Discount Rule - Checkout 2

Depending on how many cronjobs your Magento has to process, the rule could take some time to be available in the front.

If you have any question regarding on how to setup your promotion rules just contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Magento 2: Improving search results with Elasticsearch

What is Elasticsearch?

Elasticsearch is an enterprise-grade and scalable search engine. It can perform extremely fast searches with large volume of data. Companies like Facebook, Netflix, eBay, GoDaddy and others are using Elasticsearch to speed up the search experience in their sites, improving the UX offering search autocomplete, products preview and extra features.

How can Elasticsearch improve your Magento project?

If your e-commerce site has a lot of products, you’ll notice the magento out-of-the-box search feature will start to slow down and it isn’t good for customer experience. Different studies confirm customers won’t spend more than 2 seconds in your store if they don’t get what they want quickly. Combining Magento 2 and Elasticsearch you can offer a great experience to your customers, helping them to find what they are looking for with ease, searching by different product attributes, implementing autocomplete, spell corrections, synonym results. It also can perform searches over categories, landing pages, blogs, faqs and different contents in the Magento site. Do you want to know more about how Elasticsearch can improve the conversions on your Magento store? Contact us today.